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Why Is Creativity So Hard???

by | Podcast

Pro podcaster and filmmaker (and the love of my life) Justin Decloux is back for an episode all about creativity! And we’re getting real to answer the question, why is creativity so hard?

Why Is Creativity So Hard???

Today we’re talking about why it’s so hard to be creative, because we both struggle with this from time to time. And then there are times when we’re super prolific. When Justin realizes that creativity is not coming to you as easily as he’d like it to, often times it’s just about taking a nap and getting some space, and then moving on.

For me, I just get super frustrated and angry with myself and one of my big tipoffs that I’m not in particularly creative mood is that I’m focusing on very mundane tasks that really could be done at ANY other time!

We also talk about the value of being creative with a collaborator. This weekend we shot and edited 3 sketches about this new character named No Luck Chuck who gets killed by a gorilla at the end of every scene in very bizarre ways. Since Justin was in a bit of a creative dry spell in his work, we talked about the impact that having a collaborative project has on his ability to get back into a creative mindset.

We also discuss the idea of self-editing when working with collaborators, and knowing how to manage your comfort levels so that creativity just flows naturally.

Make sure you tune into hear more about:

👉 What Justin likes to do when he’s totally tapped out for creative ideas

👉 When in a particularly prolific period of creativity, what some of the routines or rituals that keep him going are

👉 How to get comfortable with creativity after wrapping a HUGE project with a lot of external challenges

About Justin Decloux:
Justin Decloux is a filmmaker and podcaster in Toronto. He spends most days watching movies to talk about on his many podcasts, or to research content for his boutique Blu-ray label Gold Ninja Video. He is also the love of my life and I wrote this bio for him.


Twitter: @declouxj

Film Trap:
Pineapple Skeleton:

No Luck Chuck:

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