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What is your purpose?

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If you are feeling a little lost, you’re creating content just for the sake of creating content and you’re not feeling fulfilled, you might need to come back to your purpose.

How do you know what your purpose is?

I recently joined a group of amazing women in Shelagh Cummins’ accelerator program and this is what I learned about defining my process. Shelagh’s program is obviously way more robust and I’m just sharing my own key takeaways here, but if you’re struggling to figure out what the hell to do with your content, your business, or your life, this might be a helpful episode for you.

Why is purpose important for figuring out your creative path?

The most important reason for me, is having clarity on my path – I know exactly where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. Not only that, but I also have more focus – there’s no question that I’m working towards something specific and you have a connection to it, that helps with the distractions

On the business side of things, this means clear messaging – people know what to expect from you and you become the “go-to” person for your content. If you’re trying to become well-known for a particular thing, or in a particular industry, being able to clearly articulate your purpose to anyone you encounter will help you achieve this.

Figuring out your purpose

Start by creating a list of everything you prioritize. Things like – prioritizing client calls over graphic design, or writing the outline of your podcast episodes over editing.

Next, note where the themes come together – are they overlapping in a particular area? For me it was storytelling. Bringing together my passion for audio & film and tv with the heart of the content – stories. Then, How do I share other’s stories, or help them to share their stories?

Finally, test this out. Write it in your IG bio or the next time you introduce yourself, tell the new person what you do by sharing your purpose.

What to do now that you know what your purpose is

  • Start updating your content to reflect what your purpose is all about! That might mean new graphics, new podcast intro/outro, new podcast altogether!
  • Continue tweaking to make sure it feels right for you going forward.
  • Help others to do the same! This is tough stuff so if you’ve successfully figured it out, I’d encourage you to share!

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