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Content Marketing For Introverts with Julie Greenham

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If you identify as an introvert and you really want to have your own podcast, this episode is for you! My guest Julie Greenham is the host of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast, and she is an introverted entrepreneur and business/mindfulness coach who helps her listeners and clients discover how introversion can be a superpower, if you tune into it and allow it to guide you.

You might be surprised to learn this, but I am also an introvert! I think the only reason I can have as much energy as I do on my podcast is because I spend so much time alone, not talking to anyone. Ever. EVER. Okay sometimes.

But equally as surprising is that Julie feels most comfortable using her podcast as a way to connect with fellow introverted entrepreneurs, and create deep connections with her clients and listeners. The reason being that she can have one on one conversations that go deep – an introvert’s dream scenario!

Well, outside of having alone time to unwind!

Julie’s coaching practice grew out of a need to stop running a business the way she thought she should, instead of in a way that felt good. Julie says that often when entrepreneurs and creators get started, they look to the big names in their industries to follow their examples – but what works for them doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

Her big “AHA!” moment was at an Amy Porterfield conference, where she remembers coaching fellow attendees on mindfulness practices to prepare for jam-packed days full of socializing.

She saw the need, and it clicked.

In that moment she decided to start her mindful coaching practice for fellow introverted entrepreneurs, so that they too could grow their businesses without feeling like they had to match what others were doing.

In addition to podcasting, Julie recommends having a strong email marketing strategy as well as some kick ass freebies to draw in new clients. And, if you listen to her podcast episode 28, “The Best Social Media Platforms for Introverts” you’ll learn what my favourite new introverted marketing strategy is!

And finally, Julie has prepared a super amazing freebie just for you today, based on her own podcast’s guest prep guide that she shares with all of her guests. Julie has put together a guide for introverts that will be guesting on a podcast, so that they can prepare themselves and feel at ease, and comfortable during recording.

Get that here!


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